Our Values

CHINT is a company encouraging vigor, innovation, spirit of entrepreneurship and marching forward pertinaciously.


As CHINT believes in and always adheres to the VALUES of Harmonization/ Learning/Practical/Innovation


Harmonization: Employee-oriented, commitment to environment and society; eventually working to achieve the harmonization between company and society, company and nature.


CHINT endeavors to accommodate its employees with healthy working places and comfortable dormitories. The Company provides lots of opportunities for the employees to improve themselves. In the past years, Mr.Cunhui Nan and his core team members transferred considerable portions of their shares to some of senior managers, technical professionals as incentives, also in order to implement the doctrine of sharing the achievements of corporate development with employees.


Also, good efforts were made by CHINT in committing the responsibility to the local community and the social charity. CHINT has so far donated over USD 12 millions on charity affairs, to local community, Western rural areas, college students in need of help, orphans and AIDS victims, etc.


Learning: study-oriented, improving.


With the development of the Company, CHINT has encountered many "bottleneck" restrictions, such as employee training, R&D, management adjustment, the challenge of internationalization, and so on. All of the problems made it essential and urgent for our management and employees to learn and absorb new knowledge and up-to-date information and to refresh and improve ourselves continuously.


CHINT is paying more attention and resources to the internal trainings from freshmen to top management. The Company's HR department prepares diversified kinds of training courses for different sorts of employees. Also, CHINT encourages and gives favorable policies for employees' self-developing efforts, such as further degree pursuit.


Practical: Fact-oriented, business ethics & integrity with market aggressiveness and ambitions.


CHINT always keeps its promises in ethics & integrity for shareholders, customers, suppliers, society, ourselves, and other stakeholders. Integrity is key to CHINT's high reputation in local area and domestic markets, and CHINT is also honest of who we are now, and we want to be in the future.


Innovation: Imagination, creativeness and continuous improvement.


In the last passing 20 years that witness CHINT growing from a family workshop to a modern enterprise, innovation is an essential factor accounting for its success. By means of innovation, creativity and management via improving approaches, CHINT has successfully created competitive advantages over most of its competitors in the marketplace. Innovation enables CHINT to respond to changing markets, retain its core competence in the future.